when the wind blows and the devil's rain roams down
and trickles across the viewpoint slanted,
your geek-chic insecurity slides past pointed
and molassed in its own self-reflexivity.

with it the acquired tone of response sinks deeper
into acrimony - there goes meaning bouldering on
and into a river? whether my last rolo tumbles into its own

you're a part of me and I think you'll stick -
but the difference between pritt, pva or
superstuff is vast. you make me come here:

always in the middle of my own congratulatory
imague-hued wallowing doubt, you give me head.
the opposite of batman. a reverse advent calendar.
with liquorice.

I've always offered to carve you a canoe out of one pure, large, tree.
I see perfection in that sort of art. But you ah sympathetically,
with dashes of ominous glimmers.

and so while the wind blows and the marshmallow syncopatia
fills my inbox, I climb into another pair of fresh starts and retreat,
with shaving-foam goatee, behind a shortcrust boundary.

the rain roams down, slanted,
then your top lip bubbles, parting
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