Wrote it when they asked me to write a good by note to drugs, though i could make it a song dunno though. Still thinkin on it, any critisizm?

In this world so full of vile things, on human minds they prey.
They kill the week there confused brains not strong enough to stay.
We all pretend the goods the norm then we hide the rest away.
Inocence cant stand a chance with life layed out thit way.
We sleep through every wakeup call, we **** we fight we pray.
They showed me a less vile world then took my life away.
it was all broken promises it was all muted pain.
this lifes a bitch but ill live it full without them in the way.
Quote by zincabopataurio
I really like the third last line, it actually made me feel something.

Well, cant really ask for more than that.. Thanks man!