Hey guys,

I'm writing my term paper about the significance of Alexis Korner and Chris Barber to the development of the blues and rock music in Britain during the 50s and 60s. So I've been doing a lot of research and found that the Rolling Stones were hugely influenced by Korner. I'm trying to find some sort of link in RS' music and Alexis Korner's music that I could talk about in my essay. Does anyone know how the Rolling Stones were influenced by Korner? Just wondering if you guys know of some specific songs by the RS that have elements of Korner's music in it?

Also, does anyone know why and how Chris Barber was regarded as "the founding father of British blues"?

I'd really appreciate some suggestion guys Thanks a lot in advance!

In regard to Korner and the Stones. It seems like many british blues musicians were protegees of Korner, who advanced their careers. Also, as far as I can remember, you might find more detailed information in Keith Richards Autobiography (which is also a very good read IMO )
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