I am the submissive gene,
the alcoholic mother at a MADD meeting.
I am the despairing fear,
the lonely cousin at the wedding reception.
She spirals, he falls,
they die hand in hand
not knowing the touch of a true love.

You are a false happiness;
you bring the mood down;
you are the grievances of friends;
you were made for depression's shackles.
You can't run from yourself,
so why should I?

~ she fades in and out of my consciousness. like a ship on a highroller sea. stop asking me if im fine, i am, im just not happy. like the person who strives to make sure everyone else is happy. cant follow my own advice. she is a mist. a fog. a translucent window into a dream that offered hope once. not now. its dark now. there is snow but its black and it blinds me in darkness. it envelops my skin. strangles my larynx. squeezes my hernia. i think she may have sodium eyes. a plutonium tongue. it poisons my mouth. cancer. ~

Look up.
You'll find the rest of us there.