looking at this diagram I've posted below can someone explain to me "how" it is that in switch position 2 it's the bottom coil active for the neck & not the top coil? RED/BLACK being the "top coil" and WHITE/GREEN being the "bottom coil" then with the switch in position 2, pins 7 & 8 would be connected (referring to the switch pins as 1-8 left to right) sending the top coils black lead to ground which then outputs to the jacks outer shield, the red hot lead for the top coil is active through pin 3 and outputting pin 4 to the volume in and on to output jacks tip. Now the bottom coil of the necks white wire is also on pin 8 which contacts ground from pin 7 to the volume pot where the green lead is waiting for it thus having the bottoms coils both leads connected here at the pots side and on to the output jacks shield with nothing from this coils leads inputting the positive side of the volume pot or the output jack. Am I not seeing this correctly? Can someone help me to understand this? The colors on the switch tabs represent which pins are connected in each position, green the 4 left pins and red the 4 right.

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The neck pickup is rotated 180 degrees relative to the bridge. This is also suggested by the wiring bundle going into the left side of the neck pickup, vs. right side for the bridge. BTW north/south refers to electrical rather than physical orientation.
Then the logo would be upside down and the wire would exit the upper left, which I realize its underneath but for illustration purposes and to make it more obvious. I can easily see how many would wire this up & stick the pups in with logos in normal position and wonder why the top coil was on instead. So its not really possible to have it with the logo down and bottom coil on it is it? At least not with out reversing the phase buy swapping the red and green leads right?
Usually HH are oriented with slugs in and screws out. Also, humbuckers are usually designated as bridge or neck, so manufacturers orient the logo according to its intended position.

But even if they didn't, most people, except for perhaps Eric Johnson, probably would not notice that it's using the top rather than bottom coil.