Just wanted to show one of my guitars. This is a 2011 Deluxe Player's Strat that I bought earlier this year, and currently it's modded with Schaller locking tuners and a set of Kinman Impersonator 54 pickups along with Kimnan's K9 wiring harness & switching and a white pearl pickguard. The body color is transparent sapphire blue, and the neck has the rosewood fingerboard.

Previously, I had put a set of Kinman Traditional Mk-III pickups in the original pickguard with the original electronics:

I'm debating whether I like the brown tortoise or the white pearl pickguard better on this guitar. I think the brown tortoise pickguard creates a nice contrast with the white plastic parts and looks good overall, but I think the white pearl pickguard also looks really nice with the sapphire blue body. Also, a minor thing is the lettering on the Kinman pickup covers: The Traditional Mk-III pickup covers have a dark red lettering, which goes well with the brown tortoise pickguard, and the Impersonator 54 pickup covers have blue letteroing, which somewhat matches the body color.