Why does everything feel half or empty,
lacking excitement with everything in me.

Chemicals toy with my brain finding its cracks,
attempting to dissolve my minds attacks.

Can you see my inner thinking,
could you save me from the sinking.

Do you hear the world and all its voices,
what can I control and what are my choices.

Do I deserve to be in this life,
I didn't deserve you as my wife.

Shrouds and screens are all of my faces,
I will never become one with these places.

Can't find myself in the mirror I hold,
will I live with this pain until i'm old.

Look in my eyes while i'm on stage,
I swear there is no more rage.

Each song is a tribute to you,
each note is something I felt new.

If you wont look my way,
I'll show the world how much I will pay.

Everything I play is in memory of your soul,
forgiving myself is an unreachable goal.

So loud you cannot hide from my sound,
my songs will swim through the ground.

One day finding your ears from a crowd,
I just hope that day you'll be proud.

Please get out of my mind and join me hear,
the love I have will always be clear.