Hi guys,

Recently i purchased a second hand Bill Lawrence L500-XL pickup which was made in 1986. Being a huge fan of Nuno Bettencourt, this humbucker for in the bridge position, is an ultimate wet dream for me. I will have it installed in a HSS superstrat I am building based on the washburn N4 but with two single-coils in the neck/middle.

The problem is finding two decent singlecoils that will match the output of the L500-XL. I've tried to find the pickup combination of the washburn N6 (another Nuno Bettencourt signature series with HSS configuration) but the internet doesnt seem to agree about which single-coils are installed together with the L500-XL. They seem to be some sort of customised seymour duncan's specialy made for Nuno.

Specs for the L500-XL:
9.2 Henry, output seems to be around 14.97K

I need some single coils that will (sort of) match this pickup. I know there will always be some kind of volume difference. The sound that I am looking for in these single coils is vintage sounding and warm but glassy. It doesn't have to be the cleanest pickup but it does need to have that true singlecoil sound. Could you guys help me out?

TLDR = Which singlecoils will match my L500-XL humbucker with an output of 14.97K?
I thought nuno used the L, not the XL?

also if you want to balance, it depends on whether you want to match them with the split humbucker, or the full humbucker (and you can only go so much by specs here anyway, since the dc resistance depends on the wire gauge to a large extent- you can only compare those figures if the gauge is the same).

IIRC the older nuno HSS model had SSL1s? That's only a very vague recollection, though, and could well be totally wrong. And even if right, he may well have used different singles in his own guitar. EDIT: i'm also not certain if that one had the bill lawrence in the bridge, I also have a niggling feeling (which could also be totally wrong ) that it might have had a 59 in the bridge.
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