So guys, I'm not really active on forums related to guitar customizations etc., but I need some help.
So i started working on my electric guitar, fixing stuff that I don't like, and i wanted to do something I wanted for a long time, and that is refinishing my guitar neck (more specific, my fretboard). Could anyone recommend me the safest and best way to refinish my fretboard? (there's a spot that drives me crazy, it's a black spot on the maple fretboard, like a darker tone, almost like dirt) If possible, I would appreciate someone telling me what tools etc. i should use, maybe some links where i can buy them online? Thanks for any help Cheers.
Can't help with any methods or tips, but I'll wager you'd find all the supplies you'd need here:

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thanks a lot, and i should mention also that i live in EU so if anyone knows some dealers that offer great deals in terms of shipping etc. that would be nice. Keep it up
Do you have any pictures of the dark patch? If it's some figuring in the wood, you might not be able to work it out.

In order to do this properly, you'll need to strip the fret wire out, sand the board with a radius block, then refret and set-up with levelling/crowning. You'll need to consider varnishing the maple too.

Are you in the UK? If so, I can recommend a few places to get tools.
Hmm it's pretty late and with the lights in my room i won't be able to get a proper picture, but i guess it's some kind of dirt, because i did see that the place where the dark spot is, the finish kinda wore off (don't know if that's even possible). About those tools, are there any measures to take in account when choosing tools like radius blocks etc? Do you know any tutorials or guidelines in doing stuff like varnishing and refretting? I know there are a lot of them on the internet but when there's so many, there's a big possibility to watch bad approaches :P And no, i live in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is in South-Western Europe if you're not familiar.