My band was gonna release it's first EP before new year but we ran into some problems with our band name. Apparently we cannot use it because it's a trademark or whatever somewere else in the world.

We are a pop-punk/rock band. A lot of our tunes sounds like ''anthems'' in my ears at least. Our biggest influence is Blink-182.

I would be thankful if you could suggest some band names. It has to be serious tho. Not from a band generator and not some fun name or whatever.

''Home Town Heros'' was the best suggestion so far but it was taken already, but something in that style! 2-3 syllables, a catchy name!

Thanks! God bless you!
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What about

Our Towns Heroes instead. Variate off of the already taken name....?
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I always wanted to name a band Only On Tuesdays. Me and my cousin were coming up with band names and joked they would only play on Tuesdays, but I thought it was a pretty good name nonetheless
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