This will be the year
everything changes.
Everything gets fixed.
This will be my year.

Yea, yea, yea
you and every other schmuck in the universe

You ever heard the song
"That was a very good year"
or something like that.
Well this year was alright,
we drank alot,
gained some weight,
and went celibate for a couple months.

by a couple,
do you mean 12?

I'm just thankful for my health
my family,
and my lack of wealth.
It really has put my life
in a perspective of sorts.

I hope to God you aren't going to talk to her,
don't embarrass yourself.
Please just once.
God Damnit.

All I ever wanted to be was happy,
but this year,
this will be the year that I
at least muster the courage
to give it a try.

You're a sappy son of a bitch aren't ya?
lol, you used the word schmuck while being seemingly serious

Little odd but otherwise I love the idea