I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend a good book for learning theory, rhythm, lead, and basically all the things that would make me a great versatile metal guitarist. Learning other things than metal, sure ive got that. I know chords and the "blues" scale. But I am lost on how to transition into chords and scales, and hitting the right notes.

Someone on Amazon recommended me to Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar, but then I read some comments that it doesnt exactly teach transitioning, and the things I need to learn. Can anyone recommend a book that excels at teaching all I could need to know?

(I know a book wont magically make me amazing, but I would like to find one with the right guidelines to learning the "important" stuff to get me on the correct track)
Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar is a good book, but not my favorite. My recommendation would be Creative Guitar 1 & 2 by Guthrie Govan. They aren't strictly metal focused, but will give you a broad base that is easily applied to it. The first book looks at some basic technique, scales, chords, and theory, and the second book goes deeper into various techniques like alternate picking, sweep picking, and tapping. Together, they are probably my favorite intermediate/advanced guitar books I've found. And if you don't know who Guthrie Govan is, you should look him up, because he is an absolutely incredible guitar player.
I might be inclined to get a few theory books, no one book tends to cover it all so maybe shop around for a few different titles. Maybe subscribe to a guitar magazine as well, they often tend to have regular theory and technique articles that are really useful.
Don't worry too much about theory, if you want to learn it then do but it's not really that important, plenty of amazing guitarists knew no theory
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