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Actually I might just use this thread to live blog The Clone Wars since I think everyone on facebook is annoyed with me doing it there

So is Aayla Secura bae or what ya feel me
I'm not in love with the new title either. I am in love with Aayla Secura, though. I'm with Sestra on everything today.
OK so I am thinking about changing the gender of my screenplays protagonist from male to female. It would put a bit of a twist on the thing.

Originally I was going for themes of coming of age through brotherhood etc. but brother/sister would definitely also work for what I am going with, but I feel it would be a little too similar to Enter the Void with the brother/sister thing (although there is definitely no incest vibes in my story lololol). But maybe because the brother is the secondary character it would be different in that respect.

Ughhhhh this is actually something I really want to do now.
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.