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I need advise can anyone give me any tips for hammer on and pull offs because in the A7X Afterlife Solo there's this part where it goes wild just before the duel harmony now I'm stuck on that part how can I speed up my playing? Should I just play it slow or try play as fast as I can.
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You can't play the solo to Afterlife, it's that simple. If you can't do basic hammer-on and pull-offs you have zero chance of learning this solo. This is an advanced solo, and you're a beginner, you should seriously not be playing that solo. I suggest you stop trying.
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Hmm, it's worth investigating...
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Like mentioned before, hammer-on's and pull-off's are a very basic technique so if you can't do them then don't try learning this solo, we all wish we could learn any song we liked but when you're a beginner you have to pick stuff that's within reach
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