Trying to resurrect the lost Washburn history and am really stuck on 1981-82 as hardly anything document-wise is out there. Specifically looking for ANYTHING at all mentioning the SB-40 (1981) and SB-40EQ (1982). Does anyone have anything on that? A brochure, ad, promo sheet, spec sheet, etc??

Washburn itself has nothing. Scoured the other forums, vintage Washburn sites (lots of errors on them I must say), scoured the internet in general for years, contacted a zillion dealers/stores who were around back then and = nothing. It comes down to someone somewhere who has a document laying in a drawer, case or box I am sure.
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They were usually sold in the United States as the "Force" series (Force 40; Force 40-EQ, etc.). They were good basses; nothing to write home about. Appearing at the start of the "Hair Metal" craze of the 1980s, when instrument companies paid little attention to the bass and focused on gaudy "shred" guitars, they were pretty plain workhorses. Washburn discontinued the series by about 1983. I do not believe they appeared in the 1984 lineup.


The SB-40 lives on currently as the Stu Hamm Signature model.
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