Hey guys,

So I finally decided that I want to begin recording my music, probably alone because I don't have a band/ I kinda wanna do this alone anyway. I have a laptop with Audacity- what would you guys suggest in the way of mics for a beginner recording artist? Keep in mind that I do want a solid, clean, and crisp sound without breaking the bank. Vocals, drums, bass, and guitar are what I would be recording. Also, what would you guys suggest on the topic of recording drums? Multiple mics or one big one? And finally, interface or no interface? If you suggest getting one, could you give some suggestions?

Have you read the interfaces sticky yet?
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^ yeah, read it brother.

Then about the mics, get different things depending on the way you would record.
Would you use an amp sim for guitars/bass, or amps?
Would you amp your bass or just use the DI signal?
Would you need to mix each piece of the kit independently?
Do you have a good sounding room in which you can record?

Get an idea and then come back so we can help you properly.
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Read that first! it will help promise!

On that note. I can't help outside tracking guitar as thats all I personally record besides vocals but!

Interface, yeah your gonna need one no matter what. Unless you choose to get a digital recorder or something similar but I would recommend an interface.

I'm going to assume your going to want great quality but not break the budget style interfaces

so.. for guitar I use a scarlett 2i4/ line 6 DI-Silver. The scarlett sounds much better IMO though, overall. Bought it on the recommendation of that thread actually.

As far as actually recording guitar. Their are some great free amp sims out their and you can get a decent sound of them. However, if you happen to have a pretty good sounding amp, I would recommend grabbing an SM57, which is basically the standard for mic'ing cabs, and go to town recording the guitar.

Also, as far as drums, are you recording a full kit? or is an electronic drum set ? we need a lot more info to be able to help you fully but that should at least get you started
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