Just got a used Sansamp PSA 1 for a good deal, and now I'm trying to dial in a really punchy on the low end, yet crunchy.


Basically something like this tone.

running into a Carvin 600watt power amp.
I have a Traben Neo 5 string [3 band active EQ]
custom 2x10 and 1x15 cabs with mesa boogie speakers in them.

Could anyone give me a little bit of help? The PSA doesn't have the traditional EQ, so I'm not quite finding what I want haha.

Thanks for your help!
I would suggest going heavy on the mids, not too much bass and treble at about 12 o'clock. The "Punch" control might be the key. The bass on your posted tune seems to be well compressed, so a compressor with the attack and the decay both set to almost immediate should help a great deal.
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