When I'm just noodling around on the guitar, just switching between chords and such, I keep finding myself doing this peculiar thing. When playing chords, I'll rapidly strum just three or so strings, which gives this very odd sound, which I love. Just curious if there is a name for this, or is it simply playing part of a chord quickly?

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Umm, it sounds like you're playing chords broooo. Maybe you should give us an example with a video / audio clip.
I suppose I did a bad job describing. Let's say a fret a plain 'ol G. When noodling around, rather than strum the chord normally, I'll sometimes play the top three strings very quickly. It sounds like shit if kept up, but I quite like using it sparingly. I also like to do it with E and Eminor, so I'm playing just top three strings, making it E5 and finish off by playing the thinner strings. I know I'm playing chords, but does it have a particular name? I'm assuming not, but that usually means it does have a name in my inexperience.

Sorry for the dumb question.
It's pretty difficult to know what you're talking about without giving any kind of example i can listen to. It doesn't sound like anything uncommon though.

Would you by any chance be talking about something like this:

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I feel like i've linked this video like 3 times in the last month haha, but i listen to it way too much :\