So I've been playing guitar now about 2 years. I'm very much into the extremely fast guitar playing like yngwie, paul gilbert, shawn lane and so on. I've been trying to work very hard on getting my picking hand going very fast. I practice around 5 hours a day. Usually by the end of the day my picking is really fast and very much where I want it to be at, but the problem is, the next morning I'm not even close to how I could play that night. I keep practicing till I can get to that level again but that usually takes until towards the end of the day again. So my question is, are there any specific methods all you shredders out there use to warm up in the morning or something?

(And please don't posts comments like "speed is not everything")

Thank you for all the help you can give!
I can usually play pretty well when I wake up. If I dont play as soon as I get out of the bed it will take some time to reach decent picking speed.

I just play the usual Paul Gilbert lick (you know that 3 notes on a string and one note on the next string) as 8th notes triplets and then a quick burst as 16th notes triplets (twice as fast).
After 15-20 mins my picking hand is alright, unless Im on an "off" day in that case I just suck for the rest of the day...
Do exercises from slow to fast. Even if you're able to play really fast, you need to do slow exercises to maintain coordination. If your hands aren't steady at 60bpm, they're going to sound awful at 180.

I do a 10-11 minute RH exercise daily. Starts with string skips with 8ths, triplets, and 16ths. A pair of 8ths skipping from Low E to A, then E-D, E-G, E-B, E-e. And then do the same with triplets on each string, again only one quarter beat each.

And then again starting on the A string, so A-E, A-D, A-G, A-B, A-e, and then the D string, and so forth.

Then I do 16th note string pairs at ascending tempos (currently, 111, 116, 121, 126, and 131) - two 16ths per string, 4x. And then with sextuplets, at lower tempos, of course.

I'll post a video in a minute, as I'm about to start practicing for the evening.
I use different note-groupings. Groups of 3,4,5,6,7. This can be done on open strings or in arpeggio/scale/chugging practice.

Other then that i just practice material i want to learn, and practice it through a clean setting on my amp and focus on accents. I mean, i'm not the greatest picker in the world, but i've played some of the music you stated in your original post. I'm just going to say that in order to get good at it you need to not rush it, when i had played for 2 years i had the exact same thing happen, i would practice for the day and at the end of the day i could play (what i thought at the time was) really good, and then the morning after it would all just disappear.

It's a matter of increasing the level of your natural playing ability, meaning your overall skill before you've warmed up and played for several hours. Nowadays i can kick out licks at a much higher tempo without warming up than i could back then. And i think that comes from not rushing things, you need to practice things with a good setting so you can hear if your picking is sloppy or you are not getting those accents in and then practice things at a tempo were you feel comfortable, tension is never a good thing.

I hope that helped in some way, and i apologize for the incoherent post. It's late and i just came home from a gig.
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Here are some my warm ups:



in the same order as described above
Another good way to warm up is to give your hands, wrists, arms and even shoulders some deep-pressure hand massage. Stimulates the muscles and it will get your blood flowing. I think John Petrucci mentioned this in one of his video's..