If you have a regular practice schedule, do you take days off? Maybe scheduled days off, or do you sometimes just decide you need a break and not play for a day? Just curious is all...
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Of course. I'd be worried if anyone said they didn't.

I don't schedule a practice routine because i don't want playing the instrument to become a chore. If i feel like playing the guitar then I'll play it, otherwise I'm not fussed. I usually practice an average of probably 30minutes a day maybe 5 times a week. It depends how inspired i get. I like my playing to be spontaneous and exciting. There may be days where I'll only play 15minutes or so, and other days where i might play 2 hours. If you're forcing yourself to play the guitar then you're gonna get burned out and discouraged and chances are that playing the guitar will become a chore.

My first 2 years or so of playing guitar i practiced religiously. I would refuse to go a day without playing the guitar for at least like 30minutes. In those 2 years i probably went a total of 3 days without playing the guitar. Sure i improved a lot from it but i definitely did get burned out and i could never ever go back to practicing that way again. It's too intense and regimented and not what i want my playing to be. Why play guitar if it's not fun?
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I do. In fact, the last two weeks or so I played very little because I was kinda depressed and not making any progress and also there was a lot going on in my life. Now that I picked the guitar again I noticed that I didn't lose any technique and stuff, and I'm much more relaxed now that everything has calmed down. It's important to take some days off I think, let your mind rest a bit, if it's just a few days it'll probably just benefit you.
I play the guitar for a few hours at a time every day sometimes. Other weeks I may touch it once or twice throughout the week.

Schedule playing hours and it turns into a task I feel forced to do. Pick it up when I feel like it and I enjoy it a whole lot more.
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i've never used a practice schedule, but i feel like if you're going to create one, you should schedule break days anyway - days where you can play aimlessly, or play nothing at all if you don't feel like it.
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i've never used a practice schedule, but i feel like if you're going to create one, you should schedule break days anyway - days where you can play aimlessly, or play nothing at all if you don't feel like it.

same I just learn whatever I want or work on techniques.
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As a music major, I even can't think about doing that. I practice pretty much 4-6 hours every day.
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I don't play guitar too much, and when I do it's not actually something you could call practicing. I play it for fun or when I'm recording some stuff. I think that the amount of time you should spend practicing depends on what are you trying to achieve. If you want to become a new Joe Satriani then you should practice a lot, but I don't care about stuff like that. As long as I can play songs I like and write and play my stuff, I'm satisfied and I won't be spending a lot time practicing.

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As a music major, I even can't think about doing that. I practice pretty much 4-6 hours every day.

I think that nothing wrong will happen if you take a day off sometimes, maybe it will be a good thing to refresh you mind.
Of course. First, you should not let the guitar become a chore. When you feel like the daily practice has become some kind of necessity even if you dont feel like it you are over doing it. If you dont feel like doing it your ability to learn is seriously hindered and is about as fruitful as banging your head against the wall and will eventually result in burn-out. Plus there are times you just need to let your brain process old information it has gathered without force feeding it new stuff in.

This isnt an excuse to stop practising out of lazyness but when there are days you just cant practice for reason or another you should not feel guilty about it. And it may even be a good thing to get some rest from the daily routines.

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There's days when I don't feel like practicing, but I'll at least do an hour or so. It may not be quality practice, but I figure it keeps my fingers in shape.

I often find that songs that are difficult for me (which is most of them) are easier if I give them a couple of days off.
Well, I'm just back playing (a couple of months) after going two years without playing much at all. So, yeah, I'd say I took some days off! Seriously, though, I do try to get a least 6 days a week in where I do at least something, but if I'm really not feeling it one day, I won't force the issue.
I try not to, but it depends on the health of my fingers, how much i played the day before etc. I like to get 4 hours...Some days less...Some way more. I tend get elbow/wrist pain around 10 hours lol.

My favorite is when i push through not wanting to play and/or getting a really bad start and end up having an amazing session.
I never schedule a day off because i play when i want to and if i don't feel like it that day then i don't play but that's very rare for me, i play everyday anywhere from 10 minutes to 5 hours, it always changes
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I'll take the day off after a gig sometimes, but only because my usual gigs are like 4 hours long, and it takes a lot of focus to be "on" for 3 sets.
I play when I feel like playing and I don't play when I don't feel like playing. And to Omidmash: There is nothing wrong about taking a day off from practice and/or playing now and then. In fact, I highly recommend doing it. For me personally, it helps letting stuff sink in and it clears my mind.
I'm taking a day off right now! I played for twenty minutes or so, and it was just a chore. Didn't have a bit of passion at all. So I got up, put the guitar back, and am now planning on eating some chocolates.

Might do some ear training later, because I feel a tad guilty. One of my goals in the New Year is to learn a song a week. Last week it was Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, and this week was supposed to be House Carpenter by Hurt, but I can memorize it for the life of me.

But I just take breaks whenever it feels like a chore. Not everyone can be Vai.