so....I'm getting things together for my home studio.....monitoring what im recording is a top priority for me, so im getting an audio interface and it has a knob for monitoring but will it send the single back to me or do i zlso need a mixer.I'm just recording me...my amp is direct via usb so i just want that monitoring signal....its only me recording guitar, midi(oxygen 49) and ezdrummer.Just want everything to work like im hoping without issues....please let me know what all i need for this to work. OI just wonder how hard it will be to get that guitar monitoring single back thru since my amp is direct via usb.

I'm either getting the Focusriteb Scarlett 2i2 or the Alesis io2 and please don't talk trash I have computer speakers for right now, it is 2 spoeakers and a sub, so I will need an adapter that be 1/8 female to 1/4 dual males for the interface. I also will be getting some studio headphones anbd since I only have 50 budgeted i'm gonna get Senheisser hd 202 II, I know this is not an ideal setup but for me its a start, will get studio monitors later, I just have to get things a little bit at a time.....my main concern was being able to monitor my guitar as i redcord and since its recording usb I thought it might be tricky.
How does your amp get to USB? does it actually have a USB out?

On the products front, get the Focusrite. It's head and shoulders better than the Alesis io series. The Alesis sounds terrible.

I wouldn't bother getting the adapter for your speakers if I were you, I'd just do it on the headphones for now. You're not going to get a good mix out of computer speakers.
I would highly recommend spending the extra on the 2i4 over the 2i2, it's nearly impossible to DI on those Focusrite preamps without the pad switch which is not on the 2i2.

You do not want to be using your amps USB output. Firstly, if it has a USB output I'm going to guess it's a basic modelling amp like a vyper or spider. If that's the case, then computer based amp simulators (even the free ones) will be leaps and bounds ahead of what's coming out of your amp. Secondly, using two different USB devices will require ASIO4ALL under windows or Aggregate Devices under osx. Using either of these will most likely have higher latency than using just the interface.

I'd avoid using a hub if you can, it will likely introduce noise and instability into your signal because you're splitting the power and data channels intended for one port over many ports.

Finally I would disagree with tim_mop, when you're dealing with lower end gear comparing the mix on multiple output devices is a huge advantage. I would do the majority of the mixing on the headphones, but I would definitely reference it on the computer speakers too.