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just wondering how he went from Nirvana where he couldn't sing at all, and now 20 years later he's considered the best rock vocalist there is.
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Quote by lbra73
just wondering how he went from Nirvana where he couldn't sing at all, and now 20 years later he's considered the best rock vocalist there is.

Who considers him the best rock vocalist there is? Certainly not any non-Grohl dickrider. I wouldn't think so since vocal training would be very non-punk rock.
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Hes a good musician no doubt but best vocalist???Not in my eyes.Couldnt hold a candle next to numerous singers past and present.
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Also he could sing in Nirvana.
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What are you talking about?
Dave had a great voice in NIRVANA, and has gotten progressively worse since then.
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Quote by McLeod
Also he could sing in Nirvana.

This. He sang backups on all the studio tracks. Also, with the level he has reached, it's not unreasonable to think he had a little coaching. If anything, to help his technique so he doesn't kill his voice.
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IMO he's definetely had vocal training. Alot of singers get vocal training when their bands get big.
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^ I agree with beatreebor.

Almost certainly.

It is extremely rare for a professional singer to not hire a vocal coach/trainer. It does happen but it is very rare.
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Best rock singer? How is that quantified?

Yeah his voice has a great tone, but technical proficiency? No way, man. He wanders off pitch too much to hold that title.
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Yeah, he did backup vocals in Nirvana. I'm 99% sure he's had vocal training too, there's no way he'd be able to tour as extensively he has without burning out his voice otherwise.

Over 20 years of singing as much as he does, you're bound to get pretty good at it.