Hi ! Im just wondering about punk and if it could come back around in a few years!

I dont know about you but the mainstream shit now a days is bull its ****ing embarrassing, and so im wondering if people here like punk and if they think it would come back, like in america and Britain!

If you do like punk post your opinion and any punk IE pop punk hardcore punk skate punk any punk!

let us know thanks

It won't be mainstream. It never WAS mainstream, never has been. It's been more popular, but the whole point is that it's counter mainstream.
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yeah i know it never was ! and yeah that's exactly what i was trying to say like it would be counter ! i agree

Well like Real punk was in the 1970s but other genres of punk was in the 90s ! in my opinion there both good but my question was could any bit of punk come back around and would it be big
I think Punk is more of an attitude than just a certain sound. Of course, traditionally Punk music has had the fast, grinding sound of straight to the point music and strong anti-establishment/anti-fascism lyrics.

Some of my favorite Punk bands are Anti-Flag, Nofx, Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys, but I love most all music, as long as it has a message to it and sounds good to my ears.

You can find punk is a lot of different styles is what I'm trying to say, so maybe we're looking at it wrong. I can find punk in bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Who. Bands that exemplified shunning the norm and taking action to live free.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I feel like punk has a chance of coming back into local scenes and maybe even cult followings over the internet and such but I feel like it needs to evolve in some of the musical aspects. I'm not saying mix Rush with Nofx but ... maybe we should explore that area.
punks never coming back there I just answered this question and now I never have to see this thread again phew glad its finally over
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