Hello everyone! Took a few days to record and mix this cover, but we're happy with the way it came out. Hope you guys enjoy. Please leave some feedback, let us know what you think about the cover, what we can do differently on a future cover, and feel free to follow us! We'll be recording a video soon to put up on YouTube.


loved the mixing and mastering. Every instrument used was almost perfect in volume. also it's a good vocal performance, but I would've liked to see a bit more "you" in this. it seemed like you just copied the exact way Jason sings it. You should try develop your own technique to make cover songs "yours"
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Thanks so much for the great feedback! Glad you were able to take a listen! The mixing all goes to our audio engineer Javon on this one, he did an amazing job. I know I tend to emulate Jason's style a bit here, but I am relatively new to recording vocals. Plus I just love the way he sings it! I will continue to develop my own style as we move forward. Thanks for the listen!