Been aware of UG for some time now, but have now joined up following the sudden disappearance of the Musicradar Forum some time ago.

I'm 31, from Wales, UK, and have been playing for around 20 years. That might suggest that I'm pretty good to some, but I've never been a diligent practitioner and have always just enjoyed learning songs and collecting guitars.

My gear list:

Marshall AVT-150
Marshall MG10 CF
Korg C4 Recording studio

Dunlop Cry Baby
Boss DD-3

And the guitars themselves...

Encore Stratocaster
Epiphone SG400
Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute
Cort KX5
Vintage V100 Les Paul
Squier Standard Tele
Ibanez PGM301
2007 Gibson SG Standard
2007 Gibson Flying V
2004 Fender US Stratocaster
1979 Gibson SG Firebrand
Ibanez RG 350 (I think)

Vintage V800N Dreadnought
Tanglewood 12 string
Faith Saturn Trembesi Wood Electro...

I'm a rocker a heart and like most rock music but my two favourite bands are probably Extreme and Mr Big...

So yeah, that's me...
Welcome! Its a great place, an I enjoy your style thats how I am not the best but an avid young gear collector