I'm selling off all of my gear in an effort to simplfy my life:

Blackstar HT50 - Excellent condition, 6 months old, comes boxed with manual and roqsolid cover. £350

Eleven Rack - Excellent condition, comes with pro tools discs and transfer of ownership form. £360

Marshall 8008 Power Amp - Very good condition, scuffs around the screw holes as to be expected. £100

3u ABS Rack Case - Brand new, only got it on Tuesday. Immaculate. Would rather sell with 11r for shipping protection but will sell separately. £40

M-Audio Fast Track Ultra - Superb interface, good condition with case and power supply. Has name written on bottom but just cosmetic. Comes with driver disc but unit is known not to work on Mavericks OS. Works fine on all other OSs. £130



Head mate, Blackstar don't do a HT50 combo. The second link above is a picture of the head
Ah sorry, it's the 40watt combo they do isn't it.
Pictures wouldnt load for me, my pc is a POS.
Hi mate, its still available and I'm in Stockton-on-Tees happy to post if youre too far away