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My tuning isn't available from the list of selections.

Hey! Do you mean the tuning selection on the "Submit new tab" page? What is the tuning of the song you are adding?
Quote by sideshowjamie
My tuning isn't available from the list of selections.

what tuning is missing?
Quote by zappp
what tuning is missing?

Double Drop-D might be one of them (D-A-D-G-B-d).
I always thought there should be a "7-string standard" tuning. Because standard is for a 6-string guitar and you want to be sure people know a low B is required but "B tuning" is for a 6-string plus you get an F# instead of a G.
Please, add an article or give a link to article about song sections, because various Internet resources give a contradictory info about it.
Не уверен, что правильно сформулировал просьбу на английском. В общем, поделитесь информацией о правильном разбиении песни на части (желательно с примерами, какие из частей стоит использовать, какие нет, потому что я, как человек без какого-либо музыкального образования, вообще делаю это "по велению левой пятки".
A list of approved section headings would be very helpful as I'm not always sure what to label some of the parts of songs that don't follow a standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus format.

Is there still an issue with submitting tabs? I submitted ukulele chords for a song four days ago. My Contributions says it's pending, but I don't see it anywhere in the pending list (or the rejected or approved list). I was thinking maybe it had something to do with the section headings since a couple days after submitting this one the system told me to change [Instrumental Break] to [Instrumental], but when I changed that detail it still didn't make my submission show up in the pending queue that I can see.

For what it's worth, since this is a feedback forum, I actually don't really care for the new rules about labeling all the sections (at least for simple chord charts). The labels make it look cluttered to me, and it looks cleaner and easier to read when the sections/stanzas are just separated by a couple of extra line breaks. I can see where it would be helpful for full tabs, but I'd hope that this isn't going to be a really restrictive policy as far as plain chord charts.
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