The question title pretty much sums it up. Is it possible to achieve a radio overdriven voice when you perform live? If yes, how can I do that? Can it be done by "playing" with the mixer eq or do I need an effect processor or something like that?
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Another way would be to take a small megaphone with you and sing through it at the mic. You will also look really cool doing it.
Id go for the megaphone ....if you can find a good flea market look for the old ones that you Could have on your bike as a kid.....had a little hand held trucker style cb and very low output so you won't have to stand a mile away
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Sorted this one today...cup you hands around your mouth like your gunna shout....press slightly on the sides of your nose and remain about 1 to 2 cm away from your mic...this will make a nasaly-like boxed in sound that really worked quite well.

We were working on the announcer part in greendays "holiday".....for the megapfone I just stand back a bit more and shout putting my cupped hands under my nose.....honestly sounded better than with our real megapfone;-)