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yeah absolutely. the jet city stuff is killer for the money it costs. ideally you'd swap its speaker eventually (eminence v12 is $75) and maybe upgrade the tubes, but even out of the box it's pretty sweet for that $300 pricetag.

I should add I haven't tried the combo version, just the 50 watt head. Far as I'm aware the circuit is the same, though.
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I saw in a couple of pictures that on Bucketheads Les Paul (only some pictures) that his neck pickup is painted in white. Can anyone explain to me why he would do this, and if there are any pros and cons.

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The guy wears a KFC Bucket and a white mask during performances, and you're interested in the color of his pickup covers?

If you have the money and are comfortable spending it on something you may not stick with, then go ahead. Getting a decent instrument to begin with is a good idea.

As mentioned, if you are going to spend money on a nice guitar, I would look into getting a decent amp as well.
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If you want a V worth it a million dollars and you can get it, go for it.

You won't get all the juice of the guitar 'til maybe two years later (more or less, it depends).

2 years? You're joking, right? More like 6-10, and that's serious practice.
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2 years? You're joking, right? More like 6-10, and that's serious practice.

6-10 years C'mon now isn't that going a little overboard? Maybe 3-5 is good enough 8-10 years of playing you're a veteran! Anyways good luck to the TS, and I hope you have a great time with your purchase seriously.
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another beginner here. MY thought process: There too many ergo considerations to just buy a $1400 guitar in an semi exotic shape when you have no clue what fits you. . I would pick up a good value guitar in the $300-400 range or used in the 200-300 range and play that for a few months. You'll develop preference for scale, shape, fingerboard curvature, etc. You'll be able to go to the store, play something you know, and really feel the difference playing several guitars. Then, if like the flying V the best, buy it. This is impossible to do as true beginner because you have zero experience playing.

I bought 2 300-400 guitars from different makers at hot deal pricing. Learning on them and can sell the less preferred for close to what I bought.
I would buy what you like. I think having a decent guitar helps keep you motivated. I bought a Gibson Les Paul Studio when I started back playing.
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