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I just started playing bass, and Smoke on the Water and Iron Man are pretty easy (most of iron man anyway)

im just newbie here. .
why cant i see some links in the thread post ??
I think I'm posting in the wrong place but not sure where to post this. I' looking for tabs for playing scales. I want to learn to play each scale up and down the frets. Everywhere I look, I just see the tabs for the top frets such as C major with open stings for the top line. I want to be able to play all the way down to the body of the bass. Since I am so new to this, I don't know how to convert it down and back up.
Golden Earring - Radar Love
Booker T & The MGs - Green Onions
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bol
Kiss - Deuce
I'd suggest it depends on what you want to play really. Simple songs like "Brain Stew/Hitching a ride" etc by Greenday can be fun to learn and play developing sense of timing and pace. Then progress to songs with more structure like "When I come around/ Welcome to Paridise" by Greenday add extra skills. Someone mentioned previously "Hysteria" by Muse, this is good to learn with the octaves and pace of the riffs, its a thumping bass driven song that offers a bass player different techniques. These are mostly punk/rock songs, there are challenges for bass players to learn songs by rancid, red hot chilli peppers and the living end.
Green Eyed Lady by Sugarloaf
Dazed & Confused by Led Zeppelin (verses only, other parts get a little tough)
I'm A Man by Spencer Davis Group (Chicago version a little tough)
Believer by Ozzy Osbourne
Jailbreak by Think Lizzy
Down on the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival