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Picked up this '83 Olympic White Fender Telecaster this afternoon. Really great price for a guitar in this shape. The bridge pickup was replaced with a Seymour Duncan. The olympic white lacquer gives it a great vintage look. The neck feels thin compared to my AVRI strat, so it's a nice change of pace. The rosewood fretboard also gives a different feel. The action is a little high, may need to have it setup by a local tech. Otherwise, she's a pretty impressive guitar.

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You can't go wrong with a good Telecaster. HNGD! Enjoy it!
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Mmmmmm, that Oly fade. Nice guitar!

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Teles are the best
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Yeah, she's a beauty. Very unique look to these Teles.
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My strats feel much heavier. I'll try to weigh it tonight.
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As it's a CBS, it's got to be a lot heavier than anything post 85.