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What would be a good on/off distortion pedal in front of a clean amp for a metalcore/5150 sound, for stuff like BFMV, Parkway Drive, While She Sleeps

I've been looking at a metal muff, I also love the old Ibanez/Maxon SD9 but i dont know if it will be good for that sound

What's your budget?
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What's your budget?

I'm willing to spend £140-150
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What amp are you playing through? That's a lot of money to spend on a pedal if the amp's not good. And if the amp's not good it's not that much more to get a good metal-orientated amp. Of course, you might have very good reasons to want it in a pedal, maybe you only occasionally play music like that in a cover band or something like that, and that's fine too. We just want to be sure you're not wasting your money.
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