Hi everyone, I've been playing electric guitar for 5/6 years now, mainly pop-punk, hardcore, metalcore etc. but I'm starting to get bored playing these styles.
Recently I've discovered bands like Periphery and Northlane and I was just amazed by their music and particularly the guitar parts. So I was wondering, what type of guitar is used to play this kind of low-tuned (I guess?) music? I've played on 6strings my entire life, I don't know sh** about 7 or 8 string guitar.
Also this style seems pretty technical, does it require some special techniques?

Really appreciate the help, I'm a complete beginner in this new world I just discovered.
Thanks fellow guitarists
Extra strings require applying a little more effort to muting. Otherwise it’s pretty painless.

As for the technique, try playing the stuff and see how it works out. Tapping, sweeping, etc. are all pretty well documented in online videos, and if you can spend a few bucks, there are loads of great instructional books and DVDs that will help with the technique and theory. If you still need help then take some lessons.