Hi Guys,

Just wanted to get an opinion on the guitar I'm looking to buy. It's a 99 Strat. I want to know if it's fake or not, and if it's worth the $700 (australian) that I've negotiated (down from $900) Is there a way to tell if it's legit from the serial number?

There is another pic of the front headstock saying made in usa, but i can't seem to post it.


Why do you suspect it is a fake? And you really can't tell anything by just looking at the serial number because serial number is really easy to fake.

If you have an opportunity to try it, try it. That way you can tell if it's worth the money or not.

And I have heard prices in Australia are pretty high. I would say $700 for a MIA Strat is a pretty decent price if it's in a good condition.
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Looks legit from the pics.
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It's real, dawg.

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