Hey, do you happen to have any kind of material I could listen to?

I've been playing guitar for 12 years and have been in a bunch of different bands around the Hampton Roads area.

What is the average age of your group?
What days do you practice?
My Soundcloud dudes
Recording gear:
Yahama Hs8
Saffire Pro 40
Shure Sm57
Shure Sm7b

Guitar gear :
Ebmm BFR7
Axe fx XL+
Walrus audio Janus
Ibanez Ergodyne
Black Market Custom cab
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We have some original music written already, we have a guitarist, drummer, vocals
and somewhat bass. Im boutta be 18, brandon too and josh is boutta be 17 but he kills it like no one else out here man guaranteed lol
We practice sometimes during the week and on sundays at 6 no matter what. But text me if your trynna talk further, 7574018378