I'm sure you've heard those extremely catchy, second-short jingles like McDonald's "Ba, da, bababa, i'm lovin' it", and Bounty's "The thicker, quicker picker-upper" tunes that go with the commercial advertisements.


Not a single musician, to my knowledge, has made these jingles metal, so why not be the first to do just that? I have a whole ton of fun making them. Tried my very best to keep them as serious and entertaining as humanly possible.

(I apologize if this was supposed to go in the "Covers" forum. I had a difficult time deciding where it should go, because A) yes, i'm covering these, but B) i've altered the jingles quite a bit and they don't sound much like the originals at all.)

C4C as always! I'd be more than glad to review your music.
Thanks for taking your time to listen to mine!

Also, if there are any jingles you'd like me to create metal versions of, let me know! I do take requests, so throw those requests in! As of right now, I have no interface to record guitars with, but i'm currently saving up for a UX2. Only need to save $50, then I can get back to recording music! All of my music is completely free and will always remain free, but if there is ANY possible way you could help me out and maybe throw in just a single dollar on Bandcamp, I would be more than grateful to you!

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Harlot Hero,
The first few seconds scared me (and I had the volume too loud)! The next one was very intense also. This is a bizarre collection of songs that are just a few seconds long. I assume there is a certain element of humor in these. I have never heard anyone scream "CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!" like that before. This was amusing, something different. Hope your vocal cords are still intact. Audio quality was good. Don't know what else to say. Please review my music at this link:

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Hey man, sorry for late reply! haha the songs are very interesting! i like it! i think baby bottle pop was my favourite. the last one seemed the longest out of them all : ) great qaulity on the recordings