We're called Rosary and we're a two-half-piece band (guitar/vocalsx2/drums). A very wide range of influences. I don't really know the genre. We recently recorded a demo from home - the quality's alright i promise - which you can have a listen to here:


"Romeo's Hangover" is our most indie-ish tune. Apocalyptic lyrics about Ecstasy pills. Got a bit of heavy in there though.

Have a listen to "She Came" - our darkest and most unique song, folk-ish with a doom metal ending. "A Devotee" is also a bit heavy, drop d, with a slight blues feel.

I don't think there's any real guitar wizardry i'm sorry, the songs are swayed more towards a songwriting-ish style.

Let us know what you think. If you like it, drop us a like on facebook, only because, unfortunately in this day & age the digits help us get gigs. And if you can identify what bloody genre you think we are, tell us.


Thanks. Rosary x