First things first, the clip I have linked to is 30 seconds long and only features 15 seconds of vocals this is because I had limited time to record this sketch because my parents came back whilst I was doing it and I can't sing in front of them because a) I have never sung in front of anyone before and b) they moan whenever I make the slightest of noises. Anyway, here's the clip:


I know it's not much but can you tell from what I've posted whether or not I am any good at singing?

I was messing around with my guitar (new tunings, etc.) and improvised the actual backing track and the lead piece, so if they are a bit iffy please ignore!

Just focus on my voice, even though it's only 4 lines (verse)!! The lyrics (or fragments of lyrics) were created on the spot too...


If that is not enough to judge I'll have the house to myself next week and will post a new link

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Can't tell really, but it doesn't sound good...

Thanks for the feedback, despite it being contradictory. What doesn't sound good about it? Vocals, or guitar? Guitar wasn't plugged into an amp btw and recorded via laptop mic.
It's not that bad. Try not to push on your higher notes. Cross the bridge and let it happen with ease, don't push. Imagine 'pull and lift back' when crossing the bridge
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