My name is Jason James, I'm a singer songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. And I would like your thoughts on 5 songs I have posted online, that I plan on releasing as an EP in the spring. It's a modern acoustic rock style, just to give you an idea. https://soundcloud.com/jasonjamesmusic

If by chance you like what you hear, please follow me on twitter and like me on facebook. Thanks for your time!

Haunt my Dreams is a good song, but I could imagine it as a stripped down Gary-Jules-Mad-World style recording. Just my thoughts.

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Hey, thought your songs sounded really good, my experience making music is (currently) quite limited so I'll speak purely as a listener- the production on your songs sounds really good, the instruments are really clear and indeed your playing sounds great too. The lyrics sounded good as well as your singing- your voice remined me a little of Blink 182, especially on "Believe", but also I found a hint of Mark Tremonti in some areas: He's the guitarist for Creed/ Alter Bridge but he sings on his solo album, I know I'm straying more into heavy Metal territory here, but personally I feel that making your voice sound a little deeper, and bringing some Tremonti elements into your acoustic style could sound really coll and interesting.

Yeah, I liked all 5 songs, but "Haunt My Dreams" is probably the one that sticks in my head most. I think really the best thing to say is keep going, keep pushing yourself and have fun with it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u3nA7hcB_o (link to a -less heavy- Tremonti song, in case your interested, this will save you having to look for it)