Hi , i'm from morroco i just made an epic cover of Nothing else matter - mettalica
i arranged that with an arabic touch i hope u will like it ^^

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Ok, nice playing and I like the sound of the instrument but I think you are overloading your recording device (or have buffer set up wrong) because theres a whole load of digital scratching noises when it gets loud.
love the stuff man. can't say i've come into contact with an oud so how is the oud tuned? does it have frets? if so is it a semitone between each like the guitar?

nice little additions here and there, works perfectly with this song.

good shit man, keep it up
Hi guys thank's a lot ^^

@PSimonR , i recorded that with my phone ( samsung s2) i realy dont have any knowledge about how covering and ajusting the sound , that's my first experience , in the begining i want to mix only the sound of the instrument with the mp3 using audacity , but i found some difficulty to synchronise the two tracks .

@Jfzgd , there is not a big difference from guitar , just the chords seems to be difficult because oud it's a solo instrument , it accompagnes a singer , perssonaly i tune it ( from the bottom ) B,G minor,D minor,A minor,G minor,D minor . I tune it like this to have the same tune with any guitar simply and normaly tuned , and to make me play easier ^^
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