I'm going to try to not write a ****ing MLA essay so I'll get to the point.

I've been doing vocals, writing lyrics and making midi instrumentals for quite a few years. I have a guitarist who is nearly done with all the guit tracks and everything else is all finished, mixed and even somewhat mastered except for the bass.

I wrote a bunch of bass tabs in PDF format along w midi so all someone would need to do is practice/record them and send me files.

It's a bizarre but pretty good stylistic mix. "Dark experimental metal" is what I'd brand it because it has tons of clean singing, stacked harmonies etc. but also guttural yelling and raspy screams as well as organ synths. No, it's not "core" either (not that I hate all core).

Lots of Type O Negative, Evoken and even some HIM influences so make of that what you will.

Also lots of undead, horror & anti-religious themes. I'd have my other bassist pals do it but I've already either used them for enough stuff and/or they're too busy irl which is understandable.

NO ASSHOLES ASKING FOR MONEY! I do this for fun. Not for a living so **** you if you think you're worth $300 a song or some shit to record bass. I'm not contracting Flea here. Also no a-hole flakes either. Seriously, shit or get off the pot so to speak. Tired of "Ok bro cool." Then 3 weeks, 3 months pass and never hear from them again.

This is an online collab. Not looking for a band. You'll get credit when I copyright it. Like I said, my vocals and all that are already done, mixed, etc.

Please no 14 year olds or 104 yr olds but most people in between are fine. It's just that the experience that comes w age is priceless so ideally 18 to 30 or even 40, don't give a ****.

Please also not have a piece of shit $40 pawn shop bass and have been playing for a few years.

I also don't really care about your color, ethnicity, sexuality, political affiliations or any of that. Preferably no neo-nazis or psychotic drag queens though. Neo-nazi drag queens are fine (joke)

PM me or reply here. I can/will provide samples and please provide me w one.