I've just watched your cover and I have to say that it is really good. I would like to divide my feedback into two parts, namely:
1) Playing
2) Vocals

1) You've played (and recorded) it outstandingly well. Really, I do not know what to say more about it. Your acoustic guitar sounds very well, it is clean, ringing, 'wide' etc. It is clear that you know how to record it properly. As regards your electric guitar part - beast. You feel what you are playing and you paid a lot of attention to the backing track's harmony (construction) when improvising so - great job. The only thing that caught my attention were the bends somewhere near the 4:30 , the seem a little bit out of scale. Otherwise - flawless (just a minor issue).
2) Singing - The song is demanding as each and every song by M. Shadows. The vocal parts are really difficult and the plethora of vocal techniques is basically amazing. Of course, either you have a good 'voice' for singing such stuff or not, but I have to say that you've managed to pull it off. I know that it wasn't perfect, but I understand that singing something by Shadows requires a lot of exercising and patience so - good work.
I hope that you like my feedback. If you are interested in watching my stuff go here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1636120
Thank you

P.S. Lovely cover! Keep on recording (you really know how to record!!!) I'm waiting for more!

Kind Regards
Yeah I dig this song more for the guitar parts and stuff, I just can't sing this song well don't know why, I do use my diaphragm, I dunno if I was just off that day, but I actually re did the vocals three times and wasn't happy with any of the takes, but whatevs. Thanks for checking it out any way I left a comment on your video
Just went and watched some of your other videos. How much compression do you put on your recorded vocals? Just curious. Your live stuff seems to pop more on the vocal front.