I'm a lead guitarist currently looking to start a metal band in the Nashville, TN area. I live 2 hours away, but I will be moving there shortly.

Machine Head
In Flames
System of a Down

Currently, I have 2 friends learning guitar so guitars are covered. We are looking for drummers and bassists. We aren't trying to "out heavy" everyone, since we like the melodic guitars of bands like In Flames, but we also like the riffs of Metallica and Pantera. Also, no country metal.

As far as vocalists are concerned, I can scream decently, but we want a heavy vocalist like Phil Anselmo, or Robb Flynn. Even a James Hetfield or Matt Heafy. A nice scream is nice but we don't want to just scream all the time.

This is very jumbled up, but hopefully this will give you an idea to what we are looking for if you are interested. 420 friendly is nice too.
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Quote by blkjakkgoose
Where in TN?

I didn't notice you replied so sorry it's taken so long.

I live in Southwest Tennessee. It's about 45 minutes away from Memphis in one direction. Then 30 minutes in another from Jackson, TN, then 2 1/2 hours away from Nashville in the same direction.

Edit* I forgot to say I live in Brownsville, TN. It's a small town in Haywood County. If you know anyone that would know anyone that's interested... Please tell them!
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