i've been looking around at getting an acoustic, and i really really like the look, size and sound of the martin ooo/om guitars.

this sort of shape and size

But the problem is i'm 19 and a martin om-18 (or similar model) is WAYYYYY out of my price range.

im looking for a newer guitar, the same sort of size, shape, and wood.

electro acoustic would be cool, but not at the tradeoff of all sound quality when unplugged

LEt's just say my budget is around £400 / $600
Any suggestions?
"I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape." - Thom Yorke
Patticake says these Recording King sound somewhat like Martins. Thomann shows an 000: http://www.thomann.de/gb/recording_king_steel_string_acoustic_guitars.html

They're Asian built so not so expensive. I have no experience with them, (left handed, which limits my testing), but they're pretty well thought of.

Another brand very well thought of in Europe is "Crafter". They're Korean built, with a wide range of styles and prices. I have 3 of their 12 strings, all well made.
How much do you want to spend? Yamaha makes a couple of "folk" sized instruments in various price ranges. Washburn has a "fingerstyle" instrument that pretty much copies the Martin.

You could think of the Taylor GS Mini in this group as well.... Around 500, less used.
As I said, i'm looking to spend £400 maximum.
I'm not gigging or anything too serious, just looking to get comfortable on a decent intrument that isn't a pain to play.




Are any of those any good?
"I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape." - Thom Yorke
Check out the Sigma range, they're essentially Chinese laminate (solid top) copies of Martins range. I played one of their 000-28's last week and thought it was one of the best laminate guitars I'd ever heard.
I second the Sigma range, they are Martin copies and are pretty decent. The yamaha LL6 might be a bit big but the LS6 is a grand auditorium. I have only ever heard great things about Recording Kings, but they are hard to find around here.