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Hey guys I've been offered a trade
My Bugera V55 head($360) into my Fender Frontman212r($330) for a cab for my friends Fender blues deluxe reissue. All in mint condit
Should I take the deal? I have yet to play a Blues Deluxe but have heard them live. I play 70s blues and classic rock with a Gibson LP

Trade or no trade?
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I would trade.
Your stuff is not worth what you think. Bugera V55h ~$200, fender FM212 ~$150

fender blues deluxe ~$500
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Great opportunity, go for it before the other guy changes his mind.
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Sounds fishy. What's wrong with the Blues?
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Quote by Robbgnarly
I would trade.
Your stuff is not worth what you think. Bugera V55h ~$200, fender FM212 ~$150

fender blues deluxe ~$500

if you can hook him and it check it out to make sure everything is proper, take it and run.

i agree with robb. you are practically (or are) original retail prices, thats not how it goes.
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