Hey guys, just wanted to drop this off for you to check out. My bands latest song after a lot of changes we've been through, stylistically. We are trying to become more accessible with our music and reach larger audiences while still keeping with the message that we believe. We are a "Christian" band, but for those of you who may have heard us before or had seen us at the Alive Festival last year, this is a big change from the P&W type stuff that we've done before.

My contributions were as lead guitar and producer/engineer.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!! As always, leave some clips to you're stuff for me to check out.

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Thank you for the reviews! The link you left me didn't work, but I tracked you down. "Where Am I": The intro could be tighter (though it sounded better the second time I heard it). Overall, the vocals are good. I like the piano part & string parts & tremolo effect guitar & main rhythm guitar & lead guitar. Though I wonder if you double-tracked the rhythm guitar, panned them left & right, if that would sound better (I think the lead guitar would stand out better, maybe the vocals too). Drums are fine. All of the melodies are nice. Nice song.