A mellow blusey chilled out track made in a haze.

Let me know what you think. Leave a link for me to check out your stuff.

Link: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/hitman_47/
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The beginning is really chill and relaxing to listen to, but I really loved what happend from 01:05-01:15. After this part, the song got a lot more interesting. Your lead playing is really telling a cohesive story, which I think is really cool.

Personally, I felt that the fuzz guitar was a little misplaced, but I guess a thing like that is subjective
I like your technique, and I like your tone for the clean guitar, the fuzz guitar could probably have been a little more 'smooth' in some way.
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you sir are a talented jazz guitarist. The clean tone at the begining is good, but I really like the chords underneath it. They sound good and are great for soloing over. Your soloing isn't to over the top but many parts of it sound pretty phenomenal over those chords. I liked the fuzz at first but it was a bit to loud, I was thinking the song would change some with the introduction of the fuzz tone but that isn't the case so it doesn't seem to necessary other than the fact that its a rlly tasty tone. There are a lot of audio pops or just static sounds every now and then that are kind of annoying though. I like this song a lot, however, I noticed your next song Melancholy sounds way to similar almost if one just continues upon the other. More of an observation rather than a complaint.

C4C please?