I don't use this account too often but I think i'm going to start putting it to good use. I've been recording music for a while now and currently am working on a full length titled "Deep Space".

Here's some of my most recent work. There's currently no bass guitar but there is rhythm and lead guitar parts with drums. Everything is original and drums are done in Flstudio. I'm don't know much about drums but I try my best and hope my guitar work will carry the tune along.


Woah, about 10 seconds in and this sounds pretty dirty. I like where its going. Reminds me of Dethklok but maybe that's because I don't listen to a ton of death metal. The tone you have is great and the transitions seem abrupt but fitting. The tapping (?) section is well done and the solo after is incredible. The melody's you have going are kick ass. The pitch scream you use remind me of Zack Wylde. A nice bass line would complete this song, but you have enough variety to where its not necessary. The clean section is very welcoming and gives this a nice creative turn as well as slowing down things abit. Again, you're great at creating melodies here. Ahhh that trippy effect at the end is nice. And it bleeds well into the outro which reintroduces the Dethklok feel from the begeining. Great job man.

C4C please?
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