I'm looking for a critique on this new track I am working on. Mostly in terms of the mix/mastering, and particularly regarding the vocals. Both their sound and position in the mix. Anything else you have to say is welcome as well. I will C4C like usual to the extent you comment.
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Well, it's a bit dark for my taste, but then I'm not into metal or anything really close to it. So when the lyrics kick in with that over-dramatic, devilish tone, I'm kind of "done" with that. But YMMV.

Apart from the personal taste aspect, I think the remix/master focus should be on creating more variety in the overall tones being generated. Successful songs these days tend to give the listener relief / variety not just in the chords/notes played, but also in the tones being used. I look at your SoundCloud wave form and I see this constant, uniform wall of noise with no real variety after the short intro, and I just know that's really NOT going to work, it's just too monotonous to sustain itself for 4+ minutes like that no matter how clever the chords, melody, lyrics, whatever.

I noticed you were using white noise / maybe white noise sweeping in intro? I like that notion, though I'd prefer more variety there, too, as I found the intro was not really gripping, just sort of perfunctory.

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