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Hey guys,

Gone for a familiar style of mine which is a dance/rock fusion style of song - the lyrics are my best but I'm definitely more interested in what the production sounds like as there's quite a lot soundwise going on in this song and I wanted everything to shine through.

But as always, any general comments on the music are welcome! Leave me a crit and I'll give you a crit to the same standard.

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As I listen:

The production sounds really good, but I'm not a fan of the vocals in the intro. The effects are kind of annoying, and it's repetitive.

The oscillating between the guitar parts is pretty cool. The production still sounds great. The vocals are better here.

This isn't really a good chorus, I'd redo that. It's boring.

I like the using of distorted guitar, it sits well in the mix with all the synths.

The fades during the bridge are cool.

Good outro, I'm glad that you didn't go back to the chorus.

Overall, the production is awesome. I'm not really a fan of the vocal effects though.

aaron aardvark
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Nice intro. I rarely am of a fan of vocals that have had strong/obvious (Cher-effect) pitch correction, but I realize you probably did that on purpose. Not bad at all in the vocal department, though I would have done it differently. Instrumentally everything sounds really good! Ending is abrupt. Audio quality is very nice. The song itself is very good! Please review my music at this link: